The art of accumulating your jewellery

The art of accumulating your jewellery


Layering has been the trend for several seasons: accumulate and layer all your favourite pieces to assert your personality! 
Even though layering is unique, it can be difficult to know how to combine jewellery so here are some tips:

Collect your necklaces!

Play with the lengths! 

Necklaces, pendants, necklaces or chains... We all have our favourite necklaces and when it comes to combining them, the choice is difficult! 

You can play with the lengths so that all your necklaces are highlighted. You can start with a minimalist choker in fine mesh to dress up your neck, add a mid-length necklace with a stone pendant and finally complete the look with a more imposing pendant! Our advice: the rule of 3! Three necklaces in three different lengths: 40 or 45cm, 50cm and 60cm.

For an authentic and timeless look, you can opt for : 

- The Nino necklace

- The Oscar Necklace - Black

- The Kate necklace

Accumulate different shapes and materials!

Do not hesitate to accumulate different textures and materials: braided rings, smooth rings, striated rings or even rings with pearl or oval details! Combine them according to your taste and your desires!

You can also play with the shape and width of your rings to create a unique accumulation.

We hope you enjoyed these tips and our accompanying selections! 

So, are you ready to make your own accumulations? 

Don't hesitate to tell us about it in comments! 

See you soon, 

Team Waekura

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